In August of 2007, 27-year old Wilford Holmes was gunned down in front of his family’s home. Upon hearing the sound of gunshots, the victim’s mother, Lamarscha Homles, allegedly investigated the sounds coming from outside of her door. When she looked out of her door, the triggerman allegedly looked straight at Ms. Holmes before fleeing down an alley. Later, she identified 22-year old Louis Daniels as the gunman.

At trial, the prosecution relied on the Ms. Holmes’ eyewitness testimony which seemingly placed Mr. Daniels at the scene of the shooting with a gun in his hand. However, the defense cross-examined Ms. Holmes’ about her failure to mention that she saw the killer’s face in her recroded statement. Rather, the defense argued that Mr. Daniels simply wandered upon the scene after hearing of a shooting. In fact, the defense introduced the testimony of Mr. Daniels’ aunt that he left her house with a plate of food after receiving a phone call about the murder. Police later arrested Daniels with a plate of food in his hand.

Following only fifty minutes of deliberations, the New Orleans jury acquits Mr. Daniels of all charges.