New Roads, La. — A civil jury in 18th Judicial District Court awarded $1.3 million from Boh Bros. Construction to Shasta Pritchard for injuries suffered in a Pointe Coupee Parish traffic accident.

As a result of the defendant’s negligent operation of a truck, Shasta Pritchard suffered serious injuries. On June 15, 2005, Shasta Pritchard attempted to pass a Boh Bros. Construction truck while driving on Louisiana State Highway 1. However, as she began passing the truck, the truck’s driver unexpectedly attempted to make a left turn. Ms. Pritchard applied her brakes, but was unable to avoid skidding into the driver’s side door of the truck. At the time, Ms. Pritchard was traveling with her grandson, Brayden. Despite also being injured, Brayden heroically pulled his grandmother from the wreckage.

Ms. Pritchard’s injuries required four surgeries and extensive physical and mental rehabilitation. Yet, at the trial, Boh Brother Construction argued that Ms. Pritchard was the primary cause of the accident. However, after considering the evidence, a Pointe Coupee Parish jury disagreed and found Boh Brother Construction 75% at fault. As a result, the jury awarded Ms. Pritchard $1.3 million.