Electrocution Injuries

While electrical workers face electrocution risks every day, they also are professionals who know how to recognize and manage the risks.

Unfortunately, many day-to-day people face electrocution risks that come from factors they do not have the ability to identify and control.  These risks can come from faulty or negligently installed wiring, downed power lines that aren’t repaired in a timely fashion, and buried power lines that are insufficiently or improperly marked.

Even electrical workers aren’t always able to escape dangers.  Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics put electrical line work among the top ten most dangerous jobs in the United States, according to the agency’s most recent census. 

The lawyers at Unglesby Law Firm have extensive experience helping victims of electrocution injuries.

If You’ve the Victim of an Electocution Injury, What Should You Do?

Retain top-notch legal counsel immediately.  If you are unable to do so, have a family member take care of this as soon as possible.  Time is absolutely of the essence when determining the cause of an accident that causes serious injury.

In the case of electrocution incidents, it is advisable to take as many pictures as possible of the injury causes.  These pictures may very well be admissible as evidence.  This evidence may have a considerable impact on potential judges and juries.

Listen to your medical team and follow their instructions.  If you’ve been seriously injured, you are at risk.  Take your prescribed medications, attend all medical appointments and stick to physical therapy regimens.

Make sure you know what disability benefits you are entitled to through your employer’s benefits plan.  You may have benefits available that can help you cover costs and expenses.

What Should You NOT DO?

Do not, under any circumstances, speak to lawyers representing the person, business or entity that was the cause of the serious injury.  Do not allow family members to speak to those lawyers either.  Make sure that you have your own legal counsel in place.  Your lawyers are the only ones who should have any contact with lawyers representing the person, business or entity that caused the serious injury.

If you are unable to contact a lawyer, have a family member do so as soon as possible.

Do not share any details of the situation outside of your immediate family.  Your lawyers will let you know what you can and cannot say.  It is important that neither you nor any family members have any contact whatsoever with attorneys who are not representing you.

The attorneys at Unglesby Law Firm can guide you through this sensitive process.

Don’t Hesitate:  Call Us

If you are or a loved one is the victim of an electrocution injury don’t wait – call us at Unglesby Law Firm.

Remember:  Time is of the essence.  Each day that passes without taking legal action against the person or entity at fault for your serious injury, is a loss of precious time that can’t be replaced.  

The lawyers at Unglesby Law Firm are your rapid-response team.  They take immediate action to start the gears of justice turning in your favor.  Any they are dedicated to securing the outcome you and your family deserve.