Recover The Full Amount For Hurricane IDA Damages

Helping homeowner and commercial policyholders recover the full amount for Hurricane IDA damages


Were you affected by Hurricane IDA?

Hurricane Ida was a Category 4 storm with winds reaching over 150 mph. These dangerous conditions affected millions of homeowners and business owners alike throughout the Eastern inland and coastal regions of the United States. Over a million residents were without power and tens of billions of dollars were lost in economic and property damages.

Hurricane Ida was the fifth-most destructive hurricane in U.S. history, and it caused unprecedented damage resulting in insurance companies not being able to shoulder the financial impact it had on their customers. Unfortunately, expectations surrounding insurance coverage don’t always come to fruition. During one of the most stressful and trying times in life, insurance companies often avoid compensating their customers by denying, delaying, and undervaluing claims.


Hurricanes can be disastrous and can lead to structural damage to your home. Storm damage can have lasting impacts on homeowners, including displacing families from their homes or losing them completely.


Our hurricane damage attorneys at Unglesby Law Firm aggressively pursue all avenues of recovery on your behalf to ensure you obtain the compensation you deserve. We understand that living through a storm is a traumatic experience, and we are glad to relieve our clients of the burden of dealing with insurance companies. We fight insurance companies so you can get back on your feet.


Our lawyers help with claims under a variety of different types of policies, including:

  • Homeowner’s Insurance
  • Condo/Renter’s Insurance
  • Hurricane Claims
  • Hurricane Property Damage



Hurricane insurance claims for commercial properties and businesses can be extremely complex varying from loss of business claims to property damage claims. If the damages are sufficient enough to put your company out of business, you may be eligible for business interruption coverage while you rebuild.

Loss of Business

Businesses and commercial properties are subject to a variety of damage-related issues, which may include a need to close down the business for a period of time to recover. Business interruption insurance coverage allows a company to stay afloat after incurring losses from disaster-related damages. Often, this type of insurance can make the difference between a business recovering from a loss or, unfortunately, going out of business.

The disaster recovery attorneys at Unglesby Law Firm have experience helping disaster victims deal with insurance coverage disputes, denials, and underpayment of claims. We help people throughout Louisiana with insurance claims brought on by hurricanes and storms, wind damage, fires, and other disasters.

Tips to help you begin your hurricane insurance claim process:

  • Report the damage immediately to your insurance carrier
  • Document your property damage and other losses
  • Understand your insurance policy and your hurricane coverage
  • Save your records after the hurricane impact (repair estimates, additional living expenses, etc.)
  • Contact a reliable and trusted law firm

Contacting an attorney for your Hurricane Ida insurance claim will give you the best chance at a settlement payout that is complete and accurately reflects the losses incurred. A trusted law firm can also help you take the appropriate steps to challenge the insurance company if they refuse to pay you fairly or deny your claim outright.