Hurricane Insurance Claims

There are few more disruptive events than hurricanes, and they happen with increasing frequency and severity.  While the immediate danger they pose is obvious, the human and financial aftermath can be equally traumatic.  There can be extensive damage from flooding, wind, fire, mold and other destructive elements.  Navigating the complexities of insurance claims, adjusters, and basic life needs can be overwhelming and cause crisis-level anxiety.  

Insurance companies facing extensive hurricane claim payouts go to great lengths to deny or undervalue legitimate claims filed by policyholders.  They have legions of lawyers whose sole focus is to protect their interests at the expense of people who bought their policies – and paid their premiums — in good faith.

The lawyers at Unglesby Law Firm have extensive experience fighting for people who have been wronged by their insurance companies.  Surviving being a victim of hurricane damage is difficult enough.  To survive a hurricane only to be denied a rightful insurance claim is an unforgivable disgrace.

At Unglesby Law Firm, we work with owners of residential and commercial properties whose lives have been upended not just by severe weather incidents like hurricanes, but by the damage caused when rightfully paid for insurance policies are not honored.

Commercial & Residential Property Owners on the Gulf Coast

Residential and commercial property owners in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama face both unique and extreme hurricane damage risks.  Severe storms and the damage that is caused, including wind, flood and fire hit harder on The Gulf Coast than anywhere else in the United States.

Insurance companies have dramatically increased the rates charged to policyholders or have pulled out of the region altogether.

Many residential and commercial property owners understandably feel exposed and alone.

The lawyers at Unglesby Law Firm are dedicated to serving and protecting the interests of their Gulf Coast neighbors.  Unglesby Law Firm is based in Louisiana, and always will be.

What Can You Do?  First Steps…

It is always advisable to consult with a lawyer in advance of purchasing an insurance policy.  Not all policies cover wind, flood, rain, fire, mold and other damage associated with hurricanes.  It is important to purchase an insurance policy that addresses all risk factors.

It is also a priority to know the business histories of insurance carriers with whom you may be working.  Do they have a track record of complaints and/or litigation based on denying or undervaluing proper claims?  Do they have other reputational problems that should cause concern?

A good lawyer can help identify red flags in advance of the purchase of a policy.

Once the process of buying an insurance policy is complete, it is recommended that policyholders stay completely current with the terms of their policies and are aware of any policy terms insurance companies may seek to change.

What Can You Do?  Next Steps…

Don’t delay making necessary home modifications or improvements.  Improper roof maintenance can lead to roof, flood and wind, and mold damage.  Improper wiring can lead to fires.  Insurances companies use facts like these to deny or undervalue claims.  It is important to remove all potential pretexts for denial or undervaluation of claims.

Consult with well-qualified home inspectors.  While good ones aren’t cheap, they can not only help prevent insurance denial risk points, they can actually provide guidance that can add to the value of your residential or commercial property.  

An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.

If A Hurricane Strikes…

As soon as it is safe to return home, an immediate inspection of your residential and/or commercial property is recommended.  Be mindful of all potential damage:  Flood, wind, fire, mold and other destruction.  Take photos from all angles and take detailed notes.  Memories fade quickly, particularly in stressful situations.  

And there are few situations more stressful than Hurricanes.

Once the situation is fully documented at your residential and/or commercial property, contact a well-qualified law firm, like Unglesby Law Firm, to manage the insurance claim reporting process.  This must be done as quickly as possible.  Insurance companies respond much faster to claimants with well-respected legal counsel.

Why Do Insurance Companies Deny Legitimate Claims?

Successful businesses make money two ways:  Generating maximum sales and avoiding losing money.  It’s that simple.

Hurricanes swamp insurance companies with enormous financial burdens with little to no warning.  These burdens can be painful – even fatal – to some insurance companies.   So, if there are ways to reduce cost burdens, insurance carries will identify and aggressively leverage them.  

There are insurance carriers who will deny all claims as a matter of course.  These are the villians, the rogue actors.  They are out there.  But many mainstream insurance carriers will point to the policyholder as the reason for the damage.  

This happens far too often and is why the lawyers at Unglesby Law Firm are here to help.

Insurance Adjusters

There are two types of insurance adjusters.  Those who work for insurance companies, and those who work for policyholders.

Adjusters who work for insurance companies are looking out for the interests of their employers.  Adjusters who represent policyholders are looking out for the interests of theirs.

It is important to know the difference. Unglesby Law Firm helps its clients know who is on their side.

Here for YOU:  Unglesby Law Firm

The lawyers at Unglesby Law Firm have successfully helped countless clients get their lives back on track after insurance companies have not acted in good faith.

The Unglesby Law Firm team is driven to provide justice to their clients who have been wronged.  These people are average, day-to-day individuals who have contributed greatly to society, paying their bills, their taxes, and their dues.

Whatever the motives are for insurance companies not honoring the claims their policyholders have righty paid-for, the Unglesby Law Firm lawyers will level the playing field.  To provide justice, closure, and a path forward.

If you are a property owner, be it commercial, residential, or both, contact Unglesby Law Firm.  The attorneys at Unglesby Law Firm will make sure you are protected before the storm, and after it.