In 2009, on St. Charles Street along a Mardi Gras parade route, gunfire erupted. As a result, seven people lay on the ground with gunshot wounds. Police believed the gunfire resulted from two rival groups squaring off. One of the groups wore black jackets while the other group wore red jackets. Within minutes of the shooting, the police arrested Mark Brooks and Lazone Lewis because both were wearing red jackets. Police arrested a third suspect, Gerard Gray, two weeks later.

When police tackled Mark Brooks, a 9MM handgun fell out of his waistband, however, ballistics examinations proved the gun had not been fired. Police suggested other guns hidden under a nearby car may have been the weapons used in the shooting. However, those weapons were found by a police officer who was found to have dropped weapons during the Danzinger Bridge police shooting scandal. In light of the new evidence, the district attorney’s office dropped the murder charges against the three men.