families affected by defective products

Providing Homeowners Justice Against Major Homebuilder

Unglesby Law Firm brings justice to homeowners wronged by one of the country’s largest homebuilders that knowingly sold houses with major defects.


Unglesby Law Firm Helps Familes

Providing Homeowners Justice Against Major Homebuilder

Unglesby Law Firm has extensive experience representing individuals and families who have suffered due to being sold defective products by companies who did so knowingly.

Due to the severe weather in Louisiana and The Gulf South, homes need to be specially constructed to withstand the extreme temperatures and storms that occur. Proper materials and construction techniques need to be used in order to build safe homes in this region. Otherwise degradation can occur that not only compromises the structural integrity of these homes, but can produce mold and other dangerous health risks.

One of the nation’s largest homebuilders knowingly sold homes that were not properly built to many homebuyers in The Gulf South, and then dodged responsibility for fixing these homes by using underhanded legal maneuvers.

Unglesby Law Firm is bringing justice to these homeowners by forcing the homebuilder into open court, where its wrongdoing can finally be exposed to the public. The homeowners who have been wronged are finally getting their day in court.

While the homebuilder has tried to use its vast financial and legal resources to avoid responsibility, Unglesby Law Firm is committed to making sure the company will not only be held accountable, but will change its unethical practices so as not to harm others in the future.